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Awkward Pants and Floppy Plane

Jump across endless rooftops and keep your paper airplane aloft! Deviously designed endless rooftop challenges will keep your heart pumping and your fist punching your friend's face when he causes you to lose!

You and a friend are the runner and his floppy paper airplane. Your pants will fall down affecting your speed. Your floppy paper airplane will swoosh, flip and flop as you try to avoid crashing and blast through score multiplier rings!

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Best features of any game ever:

  • Points!
  • Jumping!
  • Flying!
  • Flopping!
  • Dropping your pants!
  • Being angry at your friends!
  • Smash your controller AND your keyboard!
  • A paper airplane that can be thrown to achieve massive high scores
  • Control yourself by making your pants fall down
  • Local High Scores
  • Co-op Endless Runner with NO MICROTRANSACTIONS! EVER!
  • Simple to learn but difficult to master controls
  • Dodge clouds to stay in flight
  • Fly through rings to earns huge score multipliers
  • Activate obstacles to drop your pants
  • Use a gamepad! Install Joy2Key all by yourself with no help from me!